Sunday, 29 November 2015

Table? What table?

I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Winchester recently (GREAT wedding. There was a quiz - need I say more?!) and history geek that I am I couldn't resist the lure of the round table at the castle's old Great Hall.

So I dragged long-suffering hubby and baby off to indulge my love of medieval history, regurgitate everything I knew about the Morte d'Arthur and generally be an insufferable know-it-all. Now, I flipping love a castle. There's something so visceral about being able to reach out and touch the walls of a building that has survived more than half a millenium, and trying to understand the lives of all the people who have touched that stone before me. And there is no shortage of inspiration in Winchester.

The Great Hall did not let me down. I've got so ideas battling for my attention now I'm going to have to break out one of my shiny new notebooks and get them down on paper before I lose them. So many stories and so little time to write!

Here's a selection of my photos from the day...

 There's something more than a little Iron Throne-y about the detailing at the top of these gates, no? They were installed in 1983 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana

This incredible painting covers the entire end wall and lists all of Winchester's representatives in Parliament. Why the blank spaces, though, I wonder? If anyone can enlighten me then please do!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Good name, is Eleanor. Very regal...

And what did the husband make of the legendary round table, I hear you ask. 'Table? Was there a real table? I didn't see one?'

You can see how it's easy to miss...  

Has anyone else been finding inspiration in unusual places?

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