Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beach Bum's a-changing

Things are all go as usual here at Darkins HQ. It's been a busy and exciting few weeks as I put the finishing touches to Beach Bum, typed The End, and then read it through just to be sure. And then just once more, to be absolutely sure. And then ... you get the idea. Well all the hard work paid off: the lovely editors at Mills & Boon loved it and accepted it for publication!

Not only that, they've given it a brand new name, so it will henceforth be known as .... drum roll please ...

Bound by a Baby Bump

Gorgeous, no?! It will be arriving in May 2015, so reserve a spot on the sofa, put in an early request for a cup of tea, and start counting down the days :)

This good news means, however, that I'm finding myself in a place I'd almost forgotten about ... page 1! It's blank, it's terrifying, and sometimes feels like it's defeating me. So it's back to the notebooks, the synopsis, the research and the biscuit tin as I feel my way through the early chapters, working out what I'm writing about, who my characters are, and -- most importantly -- how to make them fall in love. It's scary, thrilling and full of all sorts of possibilities -- basically, it's like being a writer in microcosm. Love it.

I'll report back soon, when this story starts to reveal itself to me, and let you have a shifty at my notebooks!