Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bound By a Baby Bump

Those of you who hang out here a lot will have heard me talking about Beach Bum, recently renamed Bound By a Baby Bump and given a stunning cover, rather a lot of the last year or so. Well, it's finally time to reveal a little more about it. And that surprise I told you I was springing on my characters, well, you've probably guessed it from the title -- and it's a biggie. Well, about seven to eight pounds worth of surprise, actually, but you get the idea. So to whet your appetite, here's what it's all about:
Nine months to change her life… 

PA Rachel Archer [remember her, Will's PA from Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss?!] has every little bit of her life planned down to the letter—it's the only way she can feel safe. Until gorgeous artist Leo Fairfax tempts her to live on the wild side, just for one night…

That night changes both their lives forever, when they discover Rachel's pregnant! Now, bound by their beloved baby bump, lone wolf Leo must convince Rachel that not only is he here to stay, but he's dedicated to winning her heart!
I was looking through my holiday photos the other day, and came across these pictures of a huge chunk of driftwood that had washed up on the beach and served as my inspiration for a lot of Leo's artwork. I loved trying to capture all the different textures, though I'm sure Leo would have done a better job. But for those of you who like (very) amateur photography and/or great massive pieces of wood (insert your own inappropriate joke here), enjoy!


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Howdy and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you all! My big plans for the day involve the English rugby team, my latest hero and, of course, helping the new husband with the DIY :)

But for those of you yet to make romantic plans, might I humbly suggest that you
I know my Abby and Ethan and Will and Maya would love the pleasure of your company on today of all days.

Wishing you all a romance-filled February 14th,