Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wanna see something pretty?

I'm absolutely thrilled to reveal the astonishingly pretty North American cover for Frozen Heart, Melting Kiss. I'm blown away by how beautiful it is, and how the very talented folks at Harlequin and Mills & Boon have captured the emotion between Maya and Will. That thumb on the jaw ... *swoon*

Just three months now until this is hitting the bookshelves, and I couldn't be more excited! Want to know more about the book? Here you go!

Food to heal his soul... 
Shy and vulnerable Maya Hartney has one great
passion—cooking. She’s turned her greatest pleasure
into a thriving business, and nothing fulfills her more
than delighting her clients. Until she’s hired by taciturn
workaholic Will Thomas to cater a charity dinner.…
Only, where Will’s concerned, Maya can do no right! The
solution? Sign him up for one of her cookery courses and
force the man to fall for her food. A week, one-on-one,
cooking and tasting, proves to be a lot more intense and
emotional than either of them are expecting! And it
comes with a delicious new taste sensation…a kiss….

As always, would love to hear what you think!

Love, Ellie

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  1. It's gorgeous! Can't wait to read the book. And, of course, I'll be tweeting and Facebooking me holding it in my hands.